Re: why oh why does it crash?
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 23:46:28 -0400 (EDT)

Lets see, where to begin...

Don't ask me why, but I finally got CU working. I think it was a combo of
launching it after signing on to the net, and installing the latest version
of Cornell' s CU.

I hooked up with a guy on AOL, and did a 1:1 with him. Later, I was able to
connect to a couple different refs. However, after a while CU would
eventually crash, and when I tried to relaunch it, I'd get "Can't open MacTCP
err = -3205 <<quit now>>" error message. So I'd have to restart the mac to
get CU to launch. During the next couple days, these bombs occurred sooner
and sooner after connecting to a ref, and eventually it bombed and I'm unable
to launch CU at all now. But it no longer crashes my computer at least, and
I'm still able to use AOL even after CU has bombed. I tried trashing CU
prefs, but that hasn't helped.

So, yes you can now use CU with AOL. Their latest version includes something
called AOL Link, which gives you an IP number each time you sign on, and
allows you to use internet apps over AOL, like netscape, etc. Believe me, I
don't know enough to flame anybody!

I do have Norton Utilities, and my hard drive checks out ok. I also rebuild
my desktop frequently (did it again yesterday), and I trashed MacTCP DNR. I
haven't trashed my finder prefs yet, tho.

I'm still getting the error message. I'm going to eventually drain you of
ideas, aren't I? Thanks for you help tho, I'm really appreciating it!

I may buy OS 8 when it comes out, but wish I hadn't bought 7.6. I haven't
enjoyed *any* of it's alleged improvements.



In a message dated 5/28/97 05:32:54, You wrote:

<<Almost there. Yes, when you launch CU without tcp/ip connectivity an
error screen appears; it is probably that alert that was making you crash.

I do not know if you can use cornell's CU with AOL. AOL is not really a
direct connection to the internet, ie. you are not assigned an IP address
(Flame me here if this has change since 1996). If you can run Netscape,
not the AOL browser, than CU should not be a problem. But I think in
there somewhere lies your problem, it would be best to call AOL and ask
them if CU works with AOL. Otherwise, check out They are a MacCentric internet provider. :)

It does sound like there is something flakey with your machine, however.
If you have Norton Utilities, use it; if you don't, buy it. The Master
Directory Block frequently goes sour on mac Hard Drives and can cause
several problems and disk fragmentation can do the same. Also try
throwing out your Finder Preferences in your Preferences Folder, and a
file in your system folder called MacTCP DNR. You might have to reset
your finder prefs in the views control panel when you restart but the
MacTCP DNR file will be rebuilt. Oh, and rebuild your desktop every week.

Version .90 is for PC's.

And if you can, buy MacOS8 when it comes out in July, it's sweet. :)