Re: Getting Cu-seeme to work

Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Wed, 04 Jun 1997 11:38:16 -0500 wrote:
> Hello Mark
> > Please send status of all pertinent programs including versions, setup,...
> Thanks for coming back to me, here are the details....
> My two machines are at tcp/ip and
> they are PC's and connected to an ATM switch using ATM network cards
> (FVCMOS). From there they go through a router on a leased
> line(64kolstream) to our internet provider RMPLC.
> RMPLC have a filtering service which we use. It is a packet filtering
> firewall which allows udp/tcp ports above 1023.
> When installing Cuseeme I created a hosts file as suggested to give
> both machines a fake name.
> We are running Windows 3.1 on the machines with Trumpet Winsock,our NT server(3.51) runs on
> Purveyor which sets up a proxy server.
> We are using Cu-seeme v 0.8437 with Quickcam and Connectix cameras.
> The sound cards areSB AWE 32. and the video cards are Mach 64 AtI.
> The last point is that the programme works perfectly well between my
> two machines. It just does not like to go outside!
> If you need anymore information, contact me...

Sounds like a firewall problem.
Go to,
But the best explanation is at

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