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Wed, 4 Jun 1997 17:36:41 -0400 (EDT)

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<<Hi my name is Bruno from

There's a major problem with 7.6 a bug that they
fixed on 7.6.1 that you should get ASAP.
You should also verify if your open transport is updated to the
latest version previous ones was also with problems.
I'm just guessing here but you should also verify if your quick time
is up to date ( we're talking about some movement here)

Since you're not saying what type of mac you have that's all
I can say for now except that remember, when a software crash,
Stop working on your computer right away and reboot and rebuild
your desktop.


Hi Bruno,

The reason I didn't say what mac I have is because I already did early on in
the "Why oh why does it crash" thread, and the quoted references were getting
very long. But to answer your questions, I've already updated to 7.6.1, OT
1.1.2, and QT 2.5 I've also updated my quickcam software and to the latest CU
version. I've run Norton Utilities and my drive checks out ok, and I've
rebuilt my desktop. I'm running a PPC Performa 6300 100/32, standard
extensions that have already been checked for conflicts. I've trashed just
about every preference file I can think of, but there has to be something
simple I'm missing, or doing in the wrong order.

After I installed the latest version of CU, it worked for a few days. It
started crashing more and more often with a "can't open MacTCP" error and now
it won't launch at all, just that error message. After that last crash, I
also lost my ability to use my web browser. The problem must be somewhere in
the macTCP/IP, or TCP/IP, or Open Transport, or in CU's compatibility with
them. Possibly it's also a problem with AOL Link, an extension of AOL's that
gives you an IP address and gives you access to the internet. I don't know
what to try at this point.

I've called Apple and AOL, and they blame each other for everything, and tell
me to talk to the other. If I mention CU, they blame it on that and tell me
to call them. If I told them I was eating a cheeseburger at the time, they'd
blame it on McDonalds and tell me to call them.

Mostly what I hear is "reinstall, update, reinstall, update". I wouldn't
mind, if I could narrow it down to one thing to reinstall/update. Maybe I
could write a script to run Norton/delete prefs/reinstall/update/restart/zap
pram/rebuild desktop and stick it in my startup items folder!

I haven't given up, I've gotten some great help from this list, I just need
some more ideas.