Re: WP CU-SeeMe Ver 3.0

Nico Pot (
Fri, 06 Jun 1997 08:06:44 +0200

At 15:21 4-06-97 -0700, you wrote:
>Has anyone tried the new version of CU-SeeMe from White Pine? I've heard
>both good and (mostly) bad stuff about it. I'm kind of hesitant to
>upgrade if I'm going to run into problems using it. I'm highly addicted
>to CU-SeeMe and I definitely don't want to have to go through
>"withdrawal"! :)
> Mark

Try'd it but it is a pain in the ass.
OK, it will show color cam users also (dunno if the last version did but
cornell doesn't) but when you are typing something in the chat window and a
new user log in or out, the cursor is gone and you are out the chat window.
You must point to it again with the mouse and continue and hope that not
another new user logs in.
If you, just like me, do typing blind and you press the enter button you
only send half messages.

The program (version 3) also let you hear a strange sound when a user logs
in and out, and I find no way to put it off.
I deleted the wav files.
But the cornell version also gives me troubles, when I have some windows
open and I want more details about a lurker that is there or I want to
adjust my cam, it closes all the windows and I must reopen them, also a
pain in the ass and it shows colorcam users as a Lurker.

Seems that the white pine version 2.+ is the best but I don't have that.
The version 3 I have shows the bug that I told about (chat window cursor)
but allows you to have more then eight windows open and don't put them
floating on the program like the cornell does.
But it need a lot of memory and I have a pentium 166 + with 32 MB and when
I want to adjust my cam everything freezes and I must adjust it blind,
hoping that I do it well.
If not then I must do it again.
Every user has a contact card that you must click, works terrible.
But it also gives you information about the other channels that are active
on that reflector (conferences 1 and ^) and cornell doesn't.
In my situation I use both to see the color users also, but when I planned
to chat a lot, I log off with wp 3 and use cornell because of the chat bug.

These are my conclusions about the program, maybe other users disagree with
For me, I am willing to change the wp 3 for a 2 but they don't react on my
e-mails about the bug.
Sorry that my english isn't to good.

Nico Pot.
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