Global Lecture Hall (GLH) on 6/19th

Tak Utsumi (utsumi@SOLAR.RTD.UTK.EDU)
Sun, 8 Jun 1997 15:41:03 -0400 (EDT)


"Global Lecture Hall (GLH)" (TM)
(multipoint-to-multipoint multimedia interactive videoconference)
to be held during the workshop on
"Low Cost Teleconferencing for
Affordable and Accessible Electronic Distance Education"
on the occasion of
The International Conference "Information Technology for Competitiveness -
Experiences and Demands for Education and Vocational Training"
organized by
The International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP)
Working Group 9.4: Information Technology in Developing Countries
June 19, 1997
(9:00 to 17:00: Brazil)
(8:00 to 16:00: EDT/USA)
(12:00 to 20:00: GMT)

Videoconference Center at
Centro de Tecnologia em Automacao e Informatica (CTAI/SENAI)
Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Internet is now becoming the future of multimedia telecommunications
at the lowest cost. It started in academics. Distance education is one
of its major use. In the distance education, the priority is (a) voice,
(b) content (i.e., text, image/photo, animation, application
program/simulation model, web), and (c) video, in the order. Internet can
now handle all of them fairly well; (a) by telephony, (b) by whiteboard,
etc., (c) by CU-SeeMe, etc.
Our next task is how to combine them for effective modality of
distance education, and this GLH is to test/demonstrate it. This task is
to be followed by our Secondary School Teacher Training Program (SSTTP)
GLOSAS/USA will assist Brazilian colleagues in organizing a large
GLH, which will focus on electronic distance education. This GLH will
cover the entire globe.

Many less developed countries are without good analog voice-grade tele-
phone networks, and hence without Internet access. Subsequently, use of
electronic distance education, though an economic advantage to them, is
not realized. Therefore, the purposes of the GLH are;
I. To promote interest of educators and decision-makers in underserved,
less developed countries in implementation of affordable and
accessible global electronic distance education across national
II. To have participants view and compare various advanced (yet
affordable) delivery systems with technical and economical pros and
III. To apply later demonstration technologies for underserved students
in rural/remote areas of the U.S. and around the world.

A. Demonstrate previously unexplored hybrid configurations of various
electronic distance education course delivery technologies,
B. Offer the participants a stage for meeting at a distance and gaining
confidence in using novel means of communication -- an opportunity
for hands-on "collaborative experiential learning" about the
technologies and their applications,
C. Gain knowledge of the different participants' countries' regulatory
environment that have thus far made sophisticated electronic
distance education (EDE) inaccessible to them,
D. Demonstrate the possibility of electronic networking among workshop
participants, and also for the promotion of collaborative research
and development among higher educational institutions in Brazil and
later around the world.

Our GLH demonstrations in the past decade have helped build a
network of leaders in the global electronic distance education movement in
many countries.

(a) Internet: Around the world with Iphone and CU-SeeMe, etc.

SCHEDULES (Brazil Time):
9:00 Lecture on "Low Cost Teleconferencing for Affordable and Accessible
Electronic Distance Education"
T. Utsumi, Global University in the U.S.A., New York, NY, USA

T. Utsumi will describe; (a) low cost teleconferencing, (b) GLH, (c)
Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education (CAADE),
(d) Secondary School Teacher Training Program (SSTTP) with video-
clipping show of previous GLHs (e.g., wireless telecom network
during GLH in Oct./'95 and CATARINA with a portable dish antenna via
INMARSAT between SENAI and UNESCO/Paris during mini GLH in
July/'96). He will also show following web accessing;

(a) About GLH with Hungarian Fulbright Commission in Budapest on

(b) About CATARINA;

(c) About CAADE;

(d) About GLOSAS NEWS;

11:00 Presentation of FORUM Computer-Mediated Multimedia Conferencing
System (CMMCS) with web accessing and audio annotation.
T. Utsumi, Global University in the U.S.A., New York, NY, USA
(On behalf of Dr. Bill Klemm of FORUM Enterprises, Inc.)

FORUM web sites:
<> -- about FORUM Inc.
<> -- photo of Dr. Klemm
<> -- "Essence of FORUM" (5.5 min
audio annotation) and "Academic Deliverable Conferencing" (13 min
audio annotation)

Video clipping show of FORUM demo during GLH in Oct./'95 (if there
is enough time).

FORUM brochures will be distributed to attendees.

11:30 Tele-Lecturing on Brazilian Environmental/Socio-Economic/Political
Simulation Model with CU-SeeMe and VocalTec's Iphone and web
Bruce P. Chadwick, Columbia University, NY, USA

Bruce Chadwick will describe his model, show a satellite image of
brush fire in Amazon basin with Iphone and send his video with CU-
SeeMe through Internet, while SENAI/tech people access his web
according to his instruction and project it to a large screen at


12:00 Lunch

14:00 Presentation of Powerpoint Slide Show with Streaming Audio from web
Roger Lee Boston, Houston Community College, Houston, TX, USA


14:30 Demonstration of Sharevision via Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)
with Houston Community College's Experience with Low Cost
Roger Lee Boston, Houston Community College, Houston, TX, USA

15:00 Internet and Electronic Distance Education in Finland
Pekka Tapio Varis, Ph.D, University Of Tampere, Finland

Finland is a high-tech country and the capital of Internet, with
most of her populations and schools hooked with Internet, and as
having almost twice many host computers than the U.S.
Tapio Varis will present his talk from an ordinary analog telephone,
which goes to an Iphone gateway of Finnish Telecom, to worldwide
Internet, and to a computer at SENAI in Brazil.

15:15 Greeting
Paulo Melo, Coimbra University, Portugal

Paulo Melo will present his greeting on GLOSAS/Portugal from his
computer with Iphone which will be received by a computer at SENAI
in Brazil.

15:30 Demonstration of Virtual City with web accessing
Andrey Narvsky, St. Petersburg Marine Technical University, Russia

Andrey Narvsky will present his talk with VocalTec's software via
Internet while SENAI/tech people access <> or

16:00 Hands-On Demonstration of ShareVision by Participants

Two computers with ShareVision and telephone hook-up will be
available for their demonstration and trial use, as
sending/receiving from/to each other, including screen capture, file
transfer, whiteboard exercise, etc.

16:55 Closing remark; Takeshi Utsumi

17:00 Adjourn

You can participate with your personal computer without use of
satellite nor dish antenna. You may download demo version (free of
charge) of following software;
(a) White Pine CU-SeeMe (30 day limitation);
(b) Cornell University CU-SeeMe (permanent);
(c) VocalTec's Iphone (Internet telephony) (14 day limitation);
When you are ready with CU-SeeMe, try to connect your computer with
a reflector at IP# at Houston Community College. With CU-
SeeMe, you can send/receive video. (To send your video, you will need a
camera. Without camera, you can still receive other participants' video,
thus, participating passively -- i.e, receive-only.)
When you are ready with Iphone, use "glh" for the name of our
private chat room. With Iphone, you can talk anyone around the world
through Internet without paying expensive overseas telephone calls.
(However, please refrain your connection with presenters during their talk
on 6/19th -- Iphone is for point-to-point connection, thus you have to
rely on MAVEN audio conferencing of CU-SeeMe to hear what others are
saying, albeit less audio quality than Iphone.)
Please contact Takeshi Utsumi for instructions to participate, -- we
will particularly welcome from developing countries around the world.
* Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D. *
* Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education *
* Founder of CAADE *
* (Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education) *
* President, Global University in the U.S.A. (GU/USA) *
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