Is that why white pine version 3 is so slow ?

Nico Pot (
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 19:32:50 +0200

Hi All,
I did something stupid.
I downloaded version 3 of cu-seeme from White Pine to try out.
I found a password in a newsgroup and Yes, I'm excusing myself to anyone
who has paid for his version but I try'd it and it works.
Doesn't liked the program at all as I told in a early letter to this list,
so I didn't used it.
Found a lovely lady with a colorcam that wasn't be able to send in black
and white.
Because Cornells version doesn't support color (they show u as a lurker) I
try'd the WP 3.
If gaves the error, " sorry but this serial number isn't valid ANYMORE "
It has worked before so there must be a way that the program "communicates"
with White Pine and maybe that's why it is so slow.
Re-installation works and the program worked again.
So on the net to another ref and after several minutes the program gives
the same error while it was working fine (without a connection to internet)
for several hours between two computers here on a network.

Ok it was wrong to use the serial number from the newsgroup.
I don't complain about that, thats all in the game
But this maybe communication is maybe the reason why it is so slow.
Anyone has an idea about my theory ?

Nico Pot.
The Netherlands.
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