Local IP on a lan and Internet

Thierry LOUVEL (tlouvel@emails.com)
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 13:45:15 +0200

I notice a big probleme (for me) with Cu-Seeme and the
local IP.

Cu-Seeme v0.92
Windows 95

i have my computer (Win95) on a lan (Linux + Samba).
my local IP is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
When i connect to my ISP, it give me a dynamic IP
so for the net my IP was yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

But when i run Cu-Seeme, it show me the local IP
of my lan (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) not the IP give by my ISP.

The result is that a can't connect to any Reflector...

the WhitePine version (2.1.1) run well, but a would like
to use the cornell, because i prefer the smaller and
the options of cornell (like "copy to clipboard"..)

do you have any idea about this thing ?



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