Mac: Disk chattering, slow chat entry.

Bill Williams (
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 09:04:32 -0400

For some time, now, I've noticed that occasionally while I'm typing in
the "chat" window my hard disk seems to chatter quietly (as if it were
very rapidly seeking back and forth between two very close locations)
and the typed letters show up in the chat window *very* slowly (one
or two or per second), making it very easy to overtype the buffer. I
sometimes see a similar thing when filling a Netscape form, suggesting
it may have something to with TCP/IP or Open Transport, rather than
just CU-SeeMe. Any Mac experts out there have any idea what might be
going on and what to do about it? I'm using Cornell 0.87b1 68K on a
Quadra 610 with 24 megs RAM.

Bill Williams ("Albert")