Re: Please help. B&W V. Color Bandwitdh

m clark (
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 17:33:49 -0400

I saw that the second after i hit the send button... Of course i meant
that she has been trying to use .84 version of CUSEE-ME on win31 (with no
cam on her side). It crashes her system and Eudora. So in addition my
original question, does anyone know a reason for this problem. And I found
out that she is running at 14.4 Kb (that's her ISP's speed).

No... you may not experiment with her, unless you also mean the software..
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>> > I have been experimenting with my girlfrien who's in south america..
>> Do we really need to know this!!??
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>I would like to experiment with her too.