Re: why wont this work

Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 23:35:07 -0500 wrote:
> I can see myself and can use the Connectix software to make pictures and
> movies. I dont think the Cam uses a video card, it plugs into the printer
> port. I dont see any video format choices in Enhanced CUseeME software that
> I have
This seems to mean that you are using a Quickcam. If that is the case,
then, no, you don't need a card and yes, CU is supposed to automatically
use the correct drivers that Quickcam is supposed to put into the
Sys.ini file.
Open the sys.ini file. Is there a line that says msvideo: quickcam.drv
or does it say msvideo: something else? If it does, you should reload
your Quickcam software, delete your CU Seeme.ini file and restart your
computer. Now look at the system.ini file again. Is the line now
correct? It should be. Do a search for the quickcam.drv file. It should
be there. If the line is not in the .ini file, you may have to put it
in yourself, but this is highly unlikely. When you start CU, you will
need to redo your settings to rebuild the Cu.ini file. Give 'er a try.
Its kind of hard to work with such scanty info.

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