Mac: Disk chattering

David J. Hannu (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 11:54:43 -0600

>For some time, now, I've noticed that occasionally while I'm typing in
>the "chat" window my hard disk seems to chatter quietly (as if it were
>very rapidly seeking back and forth between two very close locations)
>and the typed letters show up in the chat window *very* slowly (one or
>two or per second), making it very easy to overtype the buffer. I
>sometimes see a similar thing when filling a Netscape form, suggesting
>it may have something to with TCP/IP or Open Transport, rather than
>just CU-SeeMe. Any Mac experts out there have any idea what might be
>going on and what to do about it? I'm using Cornell 0.87b1 68K on a
>Quadra 610 with 24 megs RAM.

I had a similar problem one time. My disk cache was set too low. Go to
the Memory control panel and increase the disk cache setting and see if
that helps.


D.J. Hannu