Re: Call for screen captures from around the world (again)

Col (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 19:00:21 +0100

What software are you guys using to take these screen caps? I don't have =
capture card, just a connectix plugged straight into my PC - is there
anything I can use?

From: Bill Woodland (Squeek) <>
Subject: Call for screen captures from around the world (again)
Date: 10 June 1997 05:46

I've recently been asked if I was still accepting pictures for my "United
Nations under CU-SeeMe" screen capture page, and, of course, the answer i=
a big YES! I would love to get more. If you would like to have your
picture placed on this page, please email me your screen capture (from
CU-SeeMe, with the frame around it, and your name at the top) in JPG, or
GIF format, along with the following information:

Email address:
Web page address:

EMAIL and Web page address are optional, but I do ask that you give me yo=
real name and location. Any pictures sent without the name and location
will not be added
to the page. Also, pictures without the CU-SeeMe frame will not be added
(we want to know what nickname you use). You may also include any other
information you want listed there, within reason. Rolf Hemmerling gave m=
his ICQ Pager address, and some other info. Francesco Munaf=F2 sent me a=
animated GIF picture with two frames, and I made two animated GIFs from
captures a friend got of Don Brogan in Antarctica. Animated GIFs are

I would also love to get a postcard from you, if you could find the time.
No need to
put any message on it, and don't expect a reply...I just want to get
pictures from all
over the world. The stamps might make an interesting collection, too.

PLEASE DO put your name and email address on it, tho, so I know WHO it ca=
from. My postal address is:

Bill Woodland
2109 Toulouse Drive
Austin, Texas 78748

I would also appreciate it if you would pass this request on to your othe=
CU-SeeMe friends. You don't have to be on this mailing list to have your
picture added. =20

Come on, folks. Don't be shy. Get those cameras out and take a few

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9) PC questions only, please.
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