Re: "netcam" via cuseeme? (snapping frames)

W. Kent Starr (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 09:31:00 -0400

Check out the following site:

At the bottom of the above page are links to alternative, competing
products, including EMU live which lets you set up a full-featured
multi-camera Web TV broadcast studio (but you pay big $$$ for this!)

Hopefully, you will find something that fits your needs/budget.

Warm regards,

Kent Starr
aka Wizzard=A9

> From: Tim Chown <>
> To:
> Subject: "netcam" via cuseeme? (snapping frames)
> Date: Wednesday, June 11, 1997 8:06 AM
> Hiya,
> Is there any software (pd or not) that can connect to a cuseeme host
> or reflector and snap an image from that every so many seconds/minutes?
> I'd like to do a "netcam" from an external camera and doing it via
> cuseeme if there's software to do it seems reasonable. The snapped
> image could then be stuffed onto a Web page somewhere...
> Or is there better separate software for doing the "netcam" thing given
> a composite video signal? The video card I have is a Videum AV but
> I can buy an alternate one if someone has software they can throw (or
> sell) my way.
> Thanks,
> Tim