Re: Packet Encoding

Rolf Hemmerling (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 08:16:00 +0200

Daniela Eloy da Silva wrote:

> I'm working in a software to manager the network
> with multimedia traffic, in the first moment I'd like
> to monitoring the traffic of Enhanced CU-SeeMe, if possible the
> 3rd version.
> I'd like to know that's the traffic of Enhanced CU-SeeMe
> is in TPC, IP or UDP packets? And how us distinguish
> video and audio in this packets?
> If you have some papers, attach please or give the internet
> address.
Try to get the sourcecode of the Cornell CU-SEEME version !!!
Especially, there is a LINUX CU-SEEME-alike software (with sources ?)
Also, there is the audio phone software SPEAK FREELY (with sources ?)



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