Re: Looking for a CU-SeeMe Proxy

Bill Woodland (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 00:56:04 -0500

At 03:04 PM 6/12/97 -0400, David H. Brown wrote:
>Is there a proxy server for CU-SeeMe? I need something that will allow=20
>my CU-SeeMe traffic to transit a TIS Gauntlet firewall. They will=20
>let me run a proxy if one exists or can be made easily. Note that=20
>this firewall presents all internal machines as the same IP address to the=
>outside world, so it is not simply a matter of applying a rule that=20
>allows udp ports 7648-7652. It's OK if no one else behind the wall can=20
>use it at the same time I do. Any help or advise is appreciated.
>David H. Brown =20
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>NASA Remote Sensing Public Access Center
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Check into WINGATE. You might also look at the news section of my web page
for info on a LINUX box type of proxy, if you could use that. I'm not
educated on either one, personally, but one of these might help.

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