Re: Please help. B&W V. Color Bandwitdh

Grant D.H.McHerron (
Sat, 14 Jun 1997 02:56:27 +1000


I was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the last 14 months or so and
can only say this about running CU-SeeMe between there and the USA:


The link between Argentina and the USA is congested to hell and I was lucky
to get 1 or 2 frames per second out of it. Downloading stuff via the web
was a nightmare - we're talking feeling lucky if a 0.4k transfer rate was
achieved and ecstatic if it crossed the 1k level.

If the links between your country and hers are like this, it's a write off.
My wife's parents live in Argentina and we're now back in Australia. The
idea of CU-SeeMe for "video phone" sessions was discussed, but written off
based on my experience and that of a few others.

I don't have experience ( yet ) with other products, such as net-meeting,
so I can't comment on how well they work on slow links ( I was running Win
3.11 and there's no net-meeting for that - how convenient :(

Anyhow, even if she does get it running on her machine, the transfer rate
may be just enough to let you see each other like a photograph at best (
given how distance sucks, though, maybe this is good enough :)

Cheers ( and good luck :)


P.S. I think the Argentine link is improving these days - maybe they're
feeding the packet pidgeons some of that naughty white powder from Columbia
so they fly faster *larf*