Re: Win95 Networking

ike (
Sat, 14 Jun 1997 22:43:33 +0800

if your internal network is using tcp/ip as its protocol then run cuseeme=
on both computers and use one computer to dc the other computer

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On 06/14/97, at 01:13 AM, Rolf Hemmerling wrote:

>Scott K. Knouse wrote:
>> Does anybody know how or if it is possible to use
>> CU-Seeme over a windows 95 network? I have 2 systems
>> and I wish to use a quickcam on one system and view it
>> from another system over the network without connecting
>> to the this possible?
>Does not work if Your gateway computer is running WIN95 or WIN-NT..
>because the Internet computer needs "IP masquerading".
>Use a LINUX computer (2.x system, not 1.2 system) as gateway
>for Internet access , and You may connect as many WINDOWS clients to
>it as You like !
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