NO Blues ref is down for good

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 16:44:08 -0500

Remove it from your ref list and phonebooks.

There are lots of reasons for this. At first I was getting "blue screen"
errors, which I've learned now had to do with a problem in Microsoft's TCP
stack with regards to handling OOB packets (someone was sending OOB
packets to the ref to cause trouble, I suppose). I applied the update from
MIcrosoft, but was still having other assorted problems. =20

The White Pine win95 version 2.1 ref program would lose its ability to
receive telnet connections, so I couldn't kick or deny troublemakers, or
make any config changes without actually being on that PC. Their GUI
program uses telnet, so it couldn't connect, either. Streak's Web
Reflector Scanner uses telnet to get its info, so it would show that the
ref "either isn't a WP ref, or it's down". I fixed this by adding
PCAnywhere to the machine, so I could connect that way and restart the ref,
which would fix the telnet problem. Although a real pain in the you know
what, at least I could still police the ref fairly well. I even setup a
few ref cops and gave them (the ones on PCs) the info needed to PCAnywhere
into the machine so they could restart it if necessary. This was a big
help, but didn't solve all of my problems.

The ref would restart itself due to lots of different TCP errors, as shown

SocketSendTo(Cuseeme Unicast) wsaLastErr(10035)
ERROR: (No such file or directory)

SocketRead(Client 18 for TCP connect) wsaLastErr(10038)
ERROR: (No such file or directory)

control write write_clients
ERROR: (No such file or directory)

SocketWrite(Client 19 for TCP connect) wsaLastErr(10022)
ERROR: (No such file or directory)

bogus name length 91
sending a close to client =7F+`=BC=A6-=BC+=A6=A4_++=950=0B=C4 on behalf of=
sending a close to client =7F+`=BC=A6-=BC+=A6=A4_++=950=0B=C4 on behalf of=
sending a close to client =7F+`=BC=A6-=BC+=A6=A4_++=950=0B=C4 on behalf of=
etc, etc...This went on for about 200 lines before the ref crashed.

Telnet : Accepted
SocketWrite(Client 25 for TCP connect) wsaLastErr(10022)
ERROR: (No such file or directory)

WHAT file? WHAT directory? The White Pine docs have no answer, nor did I
get any answer or suggestions for a fix from the WP support people.

I was also getting illegal operation errors on wpreflect.exe, and when this
happened, I couldn't even connect with PCAnywhere. Jeeves loaned me a nice
little power switch that could be activated simply by calling the number of
the phone line to which it was connected. This box would power off the PC
for 30 seconds, and then power it back on. The PC would then reboot,
reload PCAnywhere, and restart the wpreflect program.=20

OK, seems like I've got all the bases covered, right? Nope. There are
people out there that like to send large PING packets to others to knock
them off the ref. Others somehow have the ability to connect to the ref,
and only let their presence be known to one or two people.....their
nickname doesn't even show up on the other participant's lists. Still
others are sending out OOB packets to people which freezes up all of their
TCP stuff. Some people know how to kick people off the ref by sending a
disconnect packet either THRU the ref itself, or via some kind of IP
spoofing. I don't know how. I'm definitely no expert with TCP, but I know
it's being done, and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

This used to be fun, but it isn't any more. The decision to take it down
is final.

Bill Woodland (Squeek =A9) PC questions only, please.
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