Colin Francis (c.francis@tpnet.co.nz)
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 00:07:01 +1200

hi all,
Just a note to thank the few who have made it impossible for Bill to
continue running his reflector. I hope you who made this move necessary
are proud of yourselves. Bill Woodland has been an inspiration to many
of the Cu-Seeme users. His input has been instrumental for many of us
getting into transmitting video over the internet. Problems we have had
have been invariably answered by Bill and life was made a lot easier
having his input..
To the few who have caused the interference (and I am sure you know who
you are) I query your motives. You have caused a lot of pain obviously
so as stated above.. feel proud of yourselves because you have achieved
what you have set out to do.. i only hope Bill will remain part of this
mailing list and the few with a destructive bent unsubscribe

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