Call for screen captures from around the world (again)

Douglas Macduff (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 09:16:25 -0400 (EDT)

>I've recently been asked if I was still accepting pictures for my "United
>Nations under CU-SeeMe" screen capture page, and, of course, the answer is
>a big YES! I would love to get more. If you would like to have your
>picture placed on this page, please email me your screen capture (from
>CU-SeeMe, with the frame around it, and your name at the top) in JPG, or
>GIF format, along with the following information:
It seems I cannot make a JPG from the cuseeme snapshot. In fact, I do know
how to capture a picture, but I tried emailing one to a friend, but I couldn't.

I have the WP version I downloaded for $69.- Not the 30 version since I've
been reading how much troulbe it causes but the previous version. I have
excellant results with it.

So, what are the steps? I'm as far as seeing my local video, and hearing the
click of the camera (I suppose to let me know that it's taking a picture. I
can save it as a JPG? .

Also, is there a way, say if I made a movie of myself or an other, that I
can capture a picture (snapshot) by causing the movie to become still?

Pentium 75 MHZ
Win 3.1.1 WFW
modem 33.6
WHite Pine version

Andare there any reflectors that charge a fee? It seems some need a
password, or something to get on
and the only thing I can figure out is that it is a subscription reflector.

Your reflector is or was a rare one, as it was a clean and friendly one.
Many thanks.
Doug macduff