Re: Call for screen captures from around the world (again)

Mike Baranowski (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 11:22:53 -0500 wrote:

>It seems I cannot make a JPG from the cuseeme snapshot. In fact, I do know
>how to capture a picture, but I tried emailing one to a friend, but I

Doug (& others)

There are a couple ways to send a still to Bill/Squeek.

First, most camera come with their own/native software which should allow
taking and saving a still picture. If it ONLY allows saving in 'bmp'
format, you should be able to find some software on the net that can
convert bmp to jpg or gif. If you can't, just send the bmp to Bill/Squeek
- I know he has the utilities to do the necessary conversions. If you
don't have any software to take snapshots, you can use CU-SeeMe instead.
To do this, bring your Local Video window to the front. Pose for a pic,
then freeze your video by clicking on the freeze icon below your picture
(this should have a circle with a slash through it). Next, right click on
the picture and choose "copy to clipboard". Launch Accessories/Paint or
Paintbrush and paste the picture. Save the file and send it!

If you have a movie, you may be able to pause it and use some of the
functions below, then use some of the steps above to narrow in on just the

Print Screen = Copy entire screen to clipboard
Alt-Print Screen = Copy front/current window to clipboard

If your friend could not use the file you mentioned, he may have been on a
different computer or may not have had the application required to open the

NOTE: If anyone is having problems with conversions, please send me the
file. I can help facilitate - I do both platforms and convert almost
anything to anything.

Hope this helps,
Mike Baranowski