Re: Lurkers?

Rolf Hemmerling (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 06:58:43 +0200

Brandon Weaver wrote:
> Ok, I just set up Cu-SeeMe and (thanks to Nico Pot) have a list of
> reflectors....but when I try to log on to some of them, it says
> Maximum Number of Lurkers did I become a "Lurker?"
> What is a Lurker? How do I not be seen as a Lurker? HELP!!!! Thanks
> again in advance....
> Brandon
Lurkers are users without a cam (or if Your CU-SEEME button "cam ->"
is pressed, so that You don=B4t send even with a cam). My advice: Buy the
cheapest cam, the CONNECTIX QUICKCAM b/w, it is the best for CU-SEEME,
$99 =3D 200 DM. You may fool the ref by using the CU-DOODLE tool.. but
the You may not fool the other users !=20

See You next time with cam !

CU-tools linkpage (CU-DOODLE...) and Iphones:

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