Re: Modem compatibility problems in Flex 56

Adrian Winnard (
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 10:30:26 +0100

The original post did seem to be referring to the modem to computer
speed....I am aware of the difference.


>>snip snip...
>>>First of all, make sure that your modem settings are limited to 57,600.
>>>Faster speeds will cause connection problems.
>>My port speed runs faster than that even using a 28k modem. I often see
>>speeds reported by FreePPP on my Mac in excess of 70,000 and on some
>>occasions even 100,000 whilst using CU-SeeMe. Is there a special reason why
>>the X2 modems require this restriction?
>You are seeing compression based speeds - the 28.8K modem just cannot go
>faster than 28800 bps. Your connection to PC might show bursts of speed
>above that because the data (if it can) is decompressed and its 'effective'
>speed seems higher - its not really - anyway not all data can be compressed
>at the highest ratio...
>perth, Western Australia