Re: seeing color video

Rombach (
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 12:09:20 +0200

I have WP 3.0 client and Winnov Videum.=20
There are different color video codecs in this client:
WP color, M-JPEG and (pretty new) H263
Winnov has many compression options in the driver.
Q1: Can everybody (havin WPclient) see the arbitary sending codec ?
Q2: Which Codec is the most "compatible" one.
Q3: Which Videum Compression style is recommended to connect to=20
non-Videum partners ?
Q4: Is it possible to link reflectors/conferences having a color room
and a B&W-room with common chat / audio capability ?
Q5: I=B4m sorry for this complex questionnaire. Is there a FAQ for=20
this list, for WP-CU interaction, for Reflector related questions ?