QuickCam2 vs. camcorder

David Wolff (dmwolff@pol.net)
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 20:47:27 -0400

Does either of these have advantages over the other for more fluid video? I'm using a 33.6 (I think) modem that usually connects at about 28.8 through my ISP. So far, the video has been slow to nonexistent. I'm ready to try buying a camera, but do not understand what advantages might exist on these different products. I've heard that the greatest limiting factor is the modem speed, so it doesn't really matter which product I get, as a video capture card (used with the camcorder) would only benefit for still shots. What I want to do is to connect with other users via video, rather than process photos or stills. Thanks for your help (I'm really new at this, so please use basic terms!). Rick