Newbie alert. :p Help, please...

Caroline Seawright (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 16:02:59 +1000 (EST)

I need some help ...

I have a friend, with a Mac, who has a colour QuickCam and CU-See Me.
I downloaded the Win '95 version of CU-See Me, and we tried to connect,
so that he could send me some video images. (I don't own a camera.)

Whenever I tried to connect to him, it told me that it wouldn't
connect. When he connected to me, I got a little video window up
(with no image inside it) and the window was filled with a directory
and info on the other side (of the CU-See Me window, that is... not
the video window) He said that it told me that my machine wasn't

I don't know what's wrong... Please can you help?

Do I need a digital video camera attached? Can't it work, just to
receive video images, without one? Is it something that I'm not
setting properly? Is my modem (28.8) too slow? Don't PC and Mac
version work properly togther? Does anyone know how to make it


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