CU-SeeMe bandwith utilization?

Rostislav V. Lyudmirsky (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 09:36:21 -0700 (PDT)

Hello there, I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I was running videoconferencing tests for my company and as one of
the products I was using Cornell's CU-SeeMee because it allows to
specify maximum send/receive rates and monitor the rate during the

For the tests I have maxed the rates at 60kbps, so that two-way
conference should utilize about 120kbps (60+60). I have also used
a network sniffer to detect the utilization independently. Now, this
sniffer reports the rate to be 120KBytes per second, and not 120kbit per
second as set in CU-SeeMe.

Am I doing something wrong, or the CU-SeeMe actually uses KBps and not kbps.
(It doesn't seem likely, considering CU-SeeMe is used with a modem that
can't go that fast).

I would really appreciate any insights, because if I can't resolve this
problem, or videoconferencing does use so much bandwith, than my company
would have to cancel this project.

Thanks you.
Rostislav V. Lyudmirsky
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