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>>>Actualy this v 1.0 that is out is a hacked version and not the true V 1.0
>>>that is out. Cornell will announce when they do a release of a released
>>Hmmm, looks like "hacked" got a new definition while I wasn't looking. To
>>be precise, it's the last official build from Steve Edgar back on April
>>22nd, yeah everyone, 1.0 has been ready to go for over a month, and I've
>>still not found any problems with it that I can nail down to the program
>>itself, and absolutely *NO* protocol bugs (cleanest version of CU I've seen
>>in terms of protocol, no garbage like certain versions of that "other" CU).
>>If anything one could claim it's a beta version, but it's definately not
>>"hacked". As for it not being castrated like the eventual official release
>>is rumored to be is a different matter.
>It has no major bugs that I can find either. I did find a minor annoyance,
>that is the client can occasionally spew out about 5 or 10 lines of chat
>from a previous reflector when you first enter a ref. It's happened once or

I suppose one could technically call that a bug, as what's happening is 1.0
doesn't clear it's stored sent aux queue after disconnecting, so when you
connect to another ref the chat you've sent in the last 60 seconds (this
seems to be the lifetime for in most clients) is eligible for recovery. Far
as I can tell this is the case with all the clients out there, just wasn't
until Cornell 1.0 and WP 3.0 for that aux recovery worked from a 95/NT
client when not connected to an ERef.

>twice for me, and I've run this client for over 40 hours with a lot of
>surfing and mouse-clicking. This is some really tight code!
>White Pine Version 3.1.1 Build 16 is now available. This massive client
>still has the bug where it doesn't save custom settings unless it's in the
>mood. Manual dial can cause Win95 to crash hard -- blue screen of death.
>The no-send "Build 25 bug" is fixed, but this is definitely not a finished