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Could I impose upon you to explain -a little- as to why there are three
H.32X standards when, from what you dscribe as to what they apply to,
only the connection differs from one standard to next. In otherwords,
I guess I would have expected the underlying transport machinery to
pretty much not matter alot to the higher level layers of video conferencing,
unless it wasn't a layered architecture in the first place.

just askin',

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Jason Williams schrieb:
> On Fri, 29 May 1998, Rolf Hemmerling wrote:
> > All about H.324,H.320,H.323 and test drive phones (and what these
> > numbers stand for). Currently, especially H.320 and H.324 donīt fit with
> > a single software, though.
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[oz] <bobbit>
H.320 is for video conferencing on ISDN lines, H.324 is for video
conferencing on analog lines, H.323 is for LAN based video conferencing
(in the Internet and in intranets)

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