Re[2]: Connectix QCVC, Winnov and Cornell CU-SeeMe

Alan Jarvi (
01 Jun 1998 07:36:52 -0400

First, let me thank FB in Texas, kmccormick at, and Jason
(streak) for their suggestions.

FB suggested a restart and in fact I can restart windows and the
problem goes away for a short time.

kmccormick suggested searching the registry, which I have done a
number of times, and I believe I have found all of the Connectix
references (but then again I have been wrong in the past)...:-)

And finally streak:

The Winnov version 2.5 I have was downloaded after being notified by
Winnov that I, as a registered user, could download the new release
from the Winnov 2.5 web site. I hope it is not a beta release, and
the info screen sez 2.5...I will try to download the file again, if
nothing else just to check file lengths, etc. As a side, does anyone
know of a checksum or diff command in Windows that I can use to verify
the integrity of the file?

I also have removed CU-SeeMe and the .ini file and reloaded from
scratch after removing and reinstalling the Winnov 2.5 release. Same
thing! I did not mention, that the same thing is happening with the
beta iVisit release 2.1b1...that is, intermittent hangs on startup.

Thanks again for all the suggestions...At this point I am probably
going to just wait for Windows98 to come out, and do a complete cold
install of the OS. That should fix it...

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Subject: Re: Connectix QCVC, Winnov and Cornell CU-SeeMe
Author: at EXTERNAL
Date: 5/30/1998 2:20 AM

On 29 May 1998, Alan Jarvi wrote:
> I am now experiencing very intermittent hangs when I start any of the
> last three Cornell CU-SeeMe releases, ie. 0.92b2, 0.96a17, or 1.0...
> Once CU hangs (and stopped using the Windows95 "Close Program"
> window), I am not able to use the Winnov Capture system, NetMeeting,
> or the Winnov Configuration system. They all report the video capture
> device is in use. The only way I can recover is to restart Windows95.

Are you sure you have the 2.5 released drivers? I'm running two main
devices (B&W Quickcam and Winnov Videum AV with 2.5 drivers) concurrently
without any problems. The Winnov drivers allows multiple programs to use
the capture device at the same time. The Desktop cam is a digital camera
I believe so I don't know much about it. I'd try going back to the 2.0

> Winnov tech support suspects legacy Connectix stuff in the registry,

I'm not quite sure how that would interfere with capture programs. Win95
handles multiple capture devices pretty cleanly.

If it's only crashing with the Cornell programs, it could be a leftover
entry in the ini file. Try deleting cu-seeme.ini in the Windows directory
and rerunning it.

> Interestingly enough, when I fall back to the Winnov 2.0 software the
> system is stable, ie. no hangs with CU, which tells me the Winnov 2.5
> release is the problem.

Yeah..hmm..make sure you're using the 2.5 release and not the beta
drivers. Do other programs hang the same way that use the capture device?
If so, it's a problem with the setup. If not, then it's a problem with CU

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