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Jason Williams (
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 05:22:53 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Mark Andrew Nassy wrote:
> For the Mac/OS:
> * New 640x480 and 80x60 display modes for video windows.
> does your reference to large video support refer a display mode larger than
> 640 x 480, another version of cu or some other possibility.

If the Mac Cornell 1.0 version is anything like the PC Cornell 1.0
version, this means the ability for people to SEND 320x240 vid (grayscale
or color) and then the receivers have the ability to maximize it to

> "QuickTime 3.0 is the only technology that makes it simple to ship a single
> application that works on all shipping platforms," Hoddie said.

How so? Perhaps I missed something, but a lot of the QT3 codecs on the
Mac aren't included in the PC version of QT3. This means "QuickTime 3.0
is one of the many technologies that makes it simple to ship a single
application that only works on Macintosh".

I don't believe I've seen ANY QT3 support for Unix which I use quite a
lot. :)

It's just another application striving to set standards as I see it. I
believe there ARE some standardized codecs out there to use for TRUE
cross-compatibility...I just haven't found them. :)

> "QuickTime 3.0 also offers the best basis for authoring tools."

Nice opinion...I'm sure Microsoft would beg to differ :)

> Hoddie also said the emergence of DV recording devices (DV camcorders
> are growing in popularity in countries such as Japan) will also fit into
> the overall changing technology picture ...

>From what I've read, DV ANYTHING is still a couple of years away.
Hardware has always moved MUCH faster than software in development.

> this may present some interesting possibilities for transmitting and or
> viewing dvd movies or movie previews via cu; it also may be useful for
> those with (access to) dv camcorders.

It will be interesting to see. If the drivers support backwards
compatibility, there shouldn't be any problem.

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