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Swynwyr (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 11:43:10 +0100

Hi guys,

Can someone help an aged Welshman? (well - not that old)

I have recently started to use CU-SeeME ( where have I been!!) and find it a
marvellous resource. I started out with version 0.92b2 which worked well
according to my expectations.

A kind gentleman sent me "the new colour" version, presumably 1.0, which I tried
and found no-one could see me!

I deleted that file and installed Steve Edgar version 1.0 which according all
file properties is version 1.0.

people still couldn't see me with that version although one or two said they
could as I hopped refs.

Reverting to Ver. 0.92b2 restores my visibility. Another kind gentleman said
that only users with the same version as I could see me. Is that correct?

I appreciate your help for this newbie and please forgive any errors in syntax
or jargon.

Wyndham Marsh



Y swynwyr gwyn yn dymuno ffawd dda I chi