Re[2]: Redhat specific sourcecode for reflector?

Alan Jarvi (
02 Jun 1998 06:56:07 -0400

I run Brian Godette's Enhanced reflector on a Slackware LINUX system,
kernel 2.0, with no problem. Very easy to set up using his binary
release. The config file explains everything very well. If I had a
question, I just experimented with the config settings until I got it
right, wrote some specialized start scripts for my own application and
I was online. Note: I don't use this for a public reflector, just a
small experimental five (5) user max system, but it does work fine.


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Subject: Re: Redhat specific sourcecode for reflector?
Author: at EXTERNAL
Date: 6/2/1998 1:15 AM

On Sun, 31 May 1998 wrote:
> Having troubles in setting up a reflector. Currently using Linux 4.2 and
> the question
> is: can anyone suggest where I can find a correct Redhat specific
> sourcecode or binary?
> Tryed to install some of the versions what i found from the net but did not
> succeed.

What sort of problems? You can try emailing me though I've never run a
reflector on Linux specifically.
You can get the 3.0b3 source code from but it's
quite messy I believe. best bet is to try Brian Godette's Enhanced
Reflector at

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