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Bill Ryan (
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 07:32:59 -0400

>the CU-SeeMe Final Project Report, located at <
> > (which is to the best of my
>knowledge is an accurate (or exact) copy the original file that was
>previously located at cornells web site) lists some of the features present
>in a version of cu not available to the general public. the following is an
>excerpt from the document:
>For the Mac/OS:
>* New 640x480 and 80x60 display modes for video windows.
>does your reference to large video support refer a display mode larger than
>640 x 480, another version of cu or some other possibility.

I read the above to mean display mode only and not transfer mode. Meaning
that the image will just be scaled locally to whatever size and not
actually transmitted over the wire at that size.

WPSI CU-SeeMe already does this local scaling ( a real no brainer).

I was referring to actually sending over the wire the various other sizes.

>> I can think of all sorts of neat ideas for QT movie streaming (educational
>> streaming, PR/Marketing/Product info streaming, etc...).
>> If more content sites would use the reflector (aka MPCS) as a draw (i.e.
>> brings people to their site), they could then have one or more continual
>> videos being displayed. So if Apple had their own reflector, they could
>> stream their recent Think Different ads or their slam Intel ads.
>some of those ideas would interest me as a cu surfer. :-) i dont ever (well
>rarely) download movies (streaming or otherwise) from the internet but i
>would be interested in viewing quicktime movies via cuseeme. in a somewhat
>related matter i read an article re: dvd and quicktime. the following is
>an excerpt from the article on the Mac Central web site:
>DVD to make the VCR, computer CD-ROM drive extinct, <
> >.
>"QuickTime 3.0 is the only technology that makes it simple to ship a single
>application that works on all shipping platforms," Hoddie said. "QuickTime
>3.0 also offers the best basis for authoring tools." Hoddie also said the
>emergence of DV recording devices (DV camcorders are growing in popularity
>in countries such as Japan) will also fit into the overall changing
>technology picture ...
>this may present some interesting possibilities for transmitting and or
>viewing dvd movies or movie previews via cu; it also may be useful for
>those with (access to) dv camcorders.

People with camcorders (or VCRs) and AV Macs can do this already. Just plug
them into the AV input jack and away you go....
The MovieStreamer vDig is a lower cost option for those already having
streaming content in digitial form.
I guess there will be more digitial content once the DVD devices are

>> I'll send them all under separate cover.
>thanks. i received them and placed a copy on the web. should any1 be
>interested they are located at:
>< >

Ideas/comments/feedback welcome.....


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