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Jason Williams (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 02:12:16 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Rod Upfold wrote:
> I am using ver 1.....I have notice the last few days that I could be on
> for ten minutes and then I will see again what one person had said all
> over again. Last night I saw the same thing four times from the same
> person. It usually happens with one person.

I believe this is the issue Brian Godette talked about in reference to
another thread a few days ago.
Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 03:33:47 -0600
From: Brian Godette <>
Subject: Re: Cornell 1.0 - answers&questions
>>It has no major bugs that I can find either. I did find a minor annoyance,
>>that is the client can occasionally spew out about 5 or 10 lines of chat
>>from a previous reflector when you first enter a ref. It's happened once or
>I suppose one could technically call that a bug, as what's happening is 1.0
>doesn't clear it's stored sent aux queue after disconnecting, so when you
>connect to another ref the chat you've sent in the last 60 seconds (this
>seems to be the lifetime for in most clients) is eligible for recovery. Far
>as I can tell this is the case with all the clients out there, just wasn't
>until Cornell 1.0 and WP 3.0 for that aux recovery worked from a 95/NT
>client when not connected to an ERef.

Of course, if the person is using a White Pine 3.1 version, this is
typically known as the "build 21" bug. The chat for one person can be
randomly spewed to you. I've seen it happen all the way up to I
believe. It often happens multiple times as well. My guess, judging from
Brian's post, is it's a problem with the aux recovery. I've booted a few
people from my reflector for it since it gets REALLY annoying seeing one
person spew about 20-30 lines of chat multiple times. I'm not sure fixes it as I have no clue where the Readme is for it or even if
it would state it as a problem that's fixed.

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