Re: Invalid Call to DLL

Kenneth R. Teleis (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 21:30:52 -0400

As I previously reported, I was getting an "Invalid Call to DLL" error
when trying to enter CU-Seeme or Netmeeting. Although I purchase
CU-Seeme 3.1 from a retailer so I could get access to White Pine's tech
support, I was unable to reach them on the phone the day I purchased the

Since the problem also existed with netmeeting, I called Microsoft tech
support and we located the problem. Apparently there were two
different devices listed under the Device Manager section for Sound
Video and Game Controllers for my ATI All-in-Wonder Card and that
apparently was the culprit.
Although we did remove both of those devices, reinstall netmeeting,
then reinstall my ATI video player software, I think the real root of
the problem lies with having both of the same device listed....

Works fine now.