Re: Looking for solutions-

Jeeves (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 21:37:41 -0600 wrote:

>>does your reference to large video support refer a display mode larger than
>>640 x 480, another version of cu or some other possibility.
>I read the above to mean display mode only and not transfer mode. Meaning
>that the image will just be scaled locally to whatever size and not
>actually transmitted over the wire at that size.
>WPSI CU-SeeMe already does this local scaling ( a real no brainer).

Yeah, but the White Pine version has the VERY annoying resize handle
overlaying part of the video!!! Yes, I complained about this as well to
WP... If you want to do this to one particular users vid, you have to drag
the window off the main window. What? Seperate windows like 2.x? A step
backwards? Can I drag the chat window and the participant list off the
main window? Wait a minute...then I would have 3.x with a 2.x