Expiration of iphones

Rolf Hemmerling (hemmerling@geocities.com)
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 07:20:54 +0200

Jason Williams schrieb:
> But I currently have FREE/shareware versions of
> other videoconferencing packages that DO support color. (iVisit, Internet
> Phone, Netmeeting, icuii, etc.). In fact, I don't know of ANY
> videoconferencing programs that offer B&W for free and make people pay for
> color. At worst, the shareware/demo versions timeout rather quickly, but
> all that I know of support color.
Iphones with very-bad exiration policy
- Netspeak WEBPHONE (but if You buy/bought a Soundblaster-16, You got a
license for free)
- VDOPhone

Acceptable expiration policy
- Vocaltec iphone (V5.0 can be resinstalled after a standard
deinstallation, without any crack or trick)
- Ivisit,.... most phones expire, but there is currently always a new
version out for free (but remember the download costs if You are on a
28.8 connection)

Best expiration policy "why to pay for"
- M$ Netmeeting (get a CD with IE4 - and get Netmeeting, too. So no
download costs if You buy a computer magazine with CD) - full and
unlimited use for free (?)
- Intel Iphone - expires once a year
- W.P. CU-SEEME 2.1.1x - works 30 minutes, must just be closed and
restarted to continue *** I saw WP Cu-SEEME at a public Internet Cafe
(with cams) in Hannnover, and.. I was interested*****
- Webcam32 - must be restarted after 60 minutes
- Summersoft Webcam - must be restarted after 12 hours
- Cornell CU-SEEME - Freeware :-)

All about iphones, H.32x phones, cu-seeme

Note: These pages include links to "all" iphones, with a comment about
the expiration policy even if it is hard to find or even necessary to
download it to find out. So.. its a rated list !


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