Re: [QUESTION] Meeting Point reflector.

Jason Williams (
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 04:08:37 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Yvonne Gutierrez wrote:
> In regards the above posting. We at White Pine Meeting Point Support
> apologize for any delay you may have experienced. We were unaware of your
> questions concerning the MPCS-Solaris server. In the future, please submit
> the request form located at the following URL.

Wow..thanks for the URL...
I beta tested MPCS and the only contact I was aware of thoughout the beta
test cycle was the woman who emailed out notices of new beta releases (who
shall remained nameless because she doesn't like her named mentioned
within this forum).

> I am assuming that you are talking about the log file located in the
> following directory: wpnet120/ directory.

Yep..sure am...Seems the T.120 server gets in a nice loop.
What I'm about to try (if I have the need) is a little cron job that will
wipe it every X minutes (or perhaps daily).

> cp /dev/null SOME-DIRECTORY/solaris_55/wpnet120/log
> chmod -w SOME-DIRECTORY/solaris_55/wpnet120/log
> mpcs

I tried something similar. All that does is zero out the logfile. The
chmod only works so long as the reflector doesn't reset.
I tried a sym link to /dev/null which didn't seem to do much as the
logfile is recreated each time the T.120 server is loaded.
I don't suppose chmod -w SOME-DIRECTORY/solaris_55/wpnet120 would work
either. :)

There's also a host of other problems...but I'll use the web page for

> In a future release we intend to change the wpnet120/wpNet120.csh so that
> it removes the log file and then does the above in the
> wpnet120/wpNet120.csh script.

Cool..guess I have some hacking to do on it. :)
I thought there might be a more elegant solution (a parameter to the T.120
server somewhere that enabled/disabled logging).

Nice to see a helpful response. :)

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