Re[2]: Connectix QCVC, Winnov and Cornell CU-SeeMe

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Thanks for the tip...


I originially wanted a 'cksum' or 'diff' command in order to compare
the Winnov version 2.5 file I had downloaded from Winnov with a newly
downloaded copy of the same software. I originally downloaded the 2.5
release on 5/7, and when I went to download it again yesterday, I
noticed that Winnov had updated the release on 5/8. The files are
different lengths, the new one is larger. I don't know what changes
were made, but you may want to consider downloading the newer "final"
release of the 2.5 load if you have a Winnov system. I am trying to
find out what changed, and when I do I will post here. If anyone else
has any insight into this, please post here also...


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> 2. I started looking yesterday, but only found ASCII/Text file diff
> commands in Windows UNIX utilities so far.

If you're running Win95, there is a DOS command called 'fc' for 'file
compare', which can compare files for differences. It will work with binary
files but it will simply state that the files are the same or different. For
ultimate security, you could always get someone with a guaranteed Steve Edgar
version 1 to PGP sign the executable and send you the signature to verify.

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