multiple cameras/One CPU ?
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 16:34:15 -0400 (EDT)

Has anyone a clue how to MANAGE
multiple camera sources on one CPU ?

Ie., duplicate cameras on one CPU ?

Looking to build a station for remote monitoring,
to SEND its video feedS to a CUseeme style reflector,
from SEVERAL camera sources simultaneously.

Preferably, would like to use COLOR cameras monitoring.

Quickcams are good enough, but they need to be
SIMULTANEOUSLY ON , and I do not know how or IF
they are supported on several parallel ports ?
Anyone done it ? on WIN95 ? on Linux ?

The most that I can do is manage to SWITCH
video sources ( manually ) using cuseeme clients
(from Cornell or WP) and this does not allow for
REMOTE monitoring, since it has to be done MANUALLY
at the site that has the video sources.

I have had at most 2 cameras on the same box,
a quickcam ( via parrallel port ) and a Camcorder
from a Hauppauge video board.

The Hauppauge or Video board solution is expensive
since it needs a camcorder feeding it !

Thanks in advance.

Nubeus Tssin