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Rolf Hemmerling (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 08:43:23 +0200

Paul Wolf schrieb:
> Why are there some IP addresses that never change at
> reflector sites while individual users have their
> IP addresses change every session?
Thatīs the Internet business - reflector sites are on *servers* (like a
URL, like a WWW address http://anything) - users with cheap dial-in
accounts get just a *dynamic* ip, because there are not enough ips for
anybody all the time. For cable modem users and more expensive dial-in
accounts, there are static ips, too.

This all will change with the new forthcoming IPv6 protocol, while we
are now all still using the IPv4 protocol. IPv6 has a bigger namespace
so that even Your forthcoming toaster powered by

Tell Your grand-grand children about this in 50 years, and they will be
very astounded and astonished !

> And where does one find his changing IP address on a
> PC since I am a Mac user trying to communicate with
> someone on a PC who does not know where to find his
> changing IP address.
a) Order a free *virtual* static alphanumeric IP/URL for both users,
which is always set to the correct dynamic numeric ip, see
There are clients for WIN95,Mac,Linux,.. and these show You the dynamic
IP as well, and do the automatic communication with the ML.ORG server
after the login to Your ISP.

So You may ping (i.e. check) at
to see whether I (me, Rolf *Hemmerling*) am online, at any time, with
any of my providers (as long as I donīt sit behind a proxy firewall with
a non-global local ip as with my provider Germany.Net, but then I may
not do video conferencing anyhow). The "ping" command is a standard
command of WIN95,LINUX,.. to send a demo package to a certain IP and to
see whether it comes back, and how fast.

on commandline of WIN95, LINUX. Check for MAC tools with the "ping"
functions !

b)Become ICQ member, this service is currently still free
You may see whether a friend is currently online, and You may even
activate video phones like "White-Pine 2.1.1x-for WIN"

I think that there is a MAC version out now, at least there is a JAVA
version out !

c)Install the free FOUR11 client, I think that a MAC version is
available, now.
You may check on my homepage
whether one of my video phones is activated so that You may call me
directly by clicking on a button to activate Your Iphone.

With White Pine CU-SEEME 2.1.1x, the own dynamic IP is shown in the main
console interface window, at the bottom.

> Create your free personalized e-mail address at
Hey, Paul, there are so many free E-Mail redirection + POP3 services
which donīt corrupt Your emails with advertising !! Do Yourself a favour
and switch to another free offer ! See

All about iphones, H.32x phones, cu-seeme


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