Re: WP CU-SeeMe 3.1.1 Fixes

Bill Woodland (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 03:46:56 -0500

At 11:02 AM 6/4/98 -0500, Don Castella wrote:
>The following is excerpted from an info message sent to White Pine users:
>"NEW FEATURES and PROBLEMS FIXED in CU-SeeMe Version 3.1.1>
>* A new H.263 video codec has been added for compatibility with
>CU-SeeMe Version 3.1 for Mac OS.
>* Installation settings now default to modem settings.
>* Private Chat mode has been fixed so that when the recipient of
>your private Chat leaves the conference, your private chat message
>is no longer randomly sent to another conference participant.
>* CU-SeeMe no longer stops sending video when you disconnect from
>one conference server and connect to another.
>* Multiple participants sending audio simultaneously with either
>the Digitalk or Voxware audio codecs no longer causes CU-SeeMe to
>stop sending audio.
>* Users connected to a conference server via multicast can now see
>the video of users connected via unicast.
>* CU-SeeMe V3.1.1 corrects a problem where users with CU-SeeMe V2.1
>could not see black and white video sent from CU-SeeMe V3.1 clients.
>For additional information on new features and problems fixed from
>previous versions of the product, please view the readme file at:"

Thanks for the info. I didn't get this via email, which I find odd. I'm
sure they have my email address some place, since I've been a beta tester
for them for both the 3.x client, 2.1 ref, and MPCS ref.

And for anyone else that plans to download this, let me warn you of a few
things that irritated me about the install:

1. I chose NOT to have the Four11 client installed, but it did it anyway.

2. I had previously set all of the CU-SeeMe sound events to NONE, and this
install put those suckers right back in there, so I got the camera shutter
clicking sound when people join the ref, etc.

3. The phonebook entries add up to almost a full megabyte, altho there are
only about 50 of them. This seems to be quite a lot of space for so little
information. Perhaps the phonebook could be done as a separate download.

4. The ActiveMovie Install program is still lying around taking up a
megabyte, too. For UPDATES, perhaps they could leave this out, since
previous installs should have taken care of installing this already.

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