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Alan Jarvi (
05 Jun 1998 06:55:32 -0400

Its called 'static' and 'dynamic' IP addressing. Most users connect
thru ISPs who have a block of addresses that are dynamically assigned
each and every time the users (he/she) logs on/off. Some folks are
lucky and have static IP address, myself included at home thru my
cable ISP provider.

A powerful utility to find your dynamic IP address or a buddies is
'ICQ'. I believe it runs on a MAC and certainly runs on a PC (I use
it). Go to:

for all the details and links to the download page.

Also, on a PC, run 'winipcfg' to find out your local IP address.

Good Luck...


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Subject: IP Addresses
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Date: 6/5/1998 2:10 AM

Why are there some IP addresses that never change at
reflector sites while individual users have their
IP addresses change every session?
And where does one find his changing IP address on a
PC since I am a Mac user trying to communicate with
someone on a PC who does not know where to find his
changing IP address.

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