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> 24) Re: Cameras
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> At 01:04 AM 6/3/98 +0100, you wrote:
> >Does anyone have a list of which CAMs are compatible with the Macintosh and
> >better still, any recommendations on which camera gives the best results
> >with CU-CME?

> You don't say what type of mac you have, but I put a mac AV card in my lady
> friend's performa 6214CD and connected a packardbell topsight cam to it and
> it works really nice. It also works nice with a camcorder or vcr input (use
> the tuner in the vcr to watch tv). Today's video scrounger tip: If you have
> the 5200, 5300, 5400, 630, 6200 & 6300 series of mac, has
> the mac tv/av cards for $49 (OS 8.0 for $39 too). While we are on the
> subject, is auctioning off some Boca video phone cams with
> sale prices so far being between $29-$49 (plus about $10 shipping),
> depending on how early you get in and how many you bid on. They also have a
> sony cam starting at $89 that is probably a little better quality.

id just like to add the following additional information:

list of compatible cameras.

as per the cornell macintosh cuseeme read me:
ep97.html > [ the following section(s) from the readme were edited. ]

specifications to receive video:

Macintosh platform with a 68020 processor or higher, and
System 7 or higher operating system, and
Ability to display 16-level-grayscale (e.g. any color Mac).

specifications to send video:

The specifications to receive video mentioned above, and
Quicktime, < >, and
A video digitizer (with vdig software) and Camera, such as:

Connectix QuickCam serial port digitizer (with camera)
< >.

Video Spigot hardware (street price approx. $380) and camera with
NTSC 1vpp
output (like a camcorder) and RCA cable.

AV-Mac (vdig built into system) and camera with NTSC 1vpp output
(like a
camcorder) and RCA cable.

ComputerEyes/RT SCSI port digitizer and camera with NTSC 1vpp
output (like
a camcorder) and RCA cable.

Where to get a camera:

NCK - 9102 TeleCamera:

A small monochrome CCD camera, suitable for CU-SeeMe is available
Howard & Associates, AOL: HOWENT for about $200 or a bit more. The
price varies
from time to time depending on the dollar / Yen situation. Howard
Enterprises will fax
you complete specs and the latest price list.

A few specs:
The part number/name is: NCK - 9102 TeleCamera,
1/3" B/W FT CCD Pixels 400H x 504V (Effective 378H x 486v),
Video Out 1.0vpp 75ohm (Negative) RCA connector.

as per the wp CU-SeeMe System Requirements web page macintosh section:

To Send Video:

Digital camera (such as Connectix QuickCam) or
Desktop video camera and video capture card (such as Apple AV card).

the following is a link to the Typical Macintosh CU-SeeMe configurations
web page,
< > that lists

A variety of Macintosh system configurations that are used for running
CU-SeeMe, courtesy of Bill Ryan of White Pine. If you're running CU-SeeMe
on a setup not noted here (but is interestingly different), please let Bill


from the cornell macintosh cuseeme read me:
ep97.html >
Developer Comments: Subjectively, it [ referring to NCK - 9102 TeleCamera ]
seems to give a picture somewhat less crisp than a typical camcorder, but
perfectly useable.


as per the CU-SeeMe Final Project Report, < >

For the Mac/OS:
You can now send and receive color video using any QuickTime codec
installed on the system, including M-JPEG and H.263.
Support for the popular Turbo TV capture card, < >.
[ note: this is a pci pal, ntsc, secam tv tuner that includes rca and s-vhs
inputs. ]

Digital Cameras could help Apple in consumer and edu markets,
< >.

New Digital Cameras Could Help Apple in Consumer and Education Markets.


as such should u wish to transmit color video with wp mac cu ( and or
possibly an as of the writing of this message an unreleased version of
cornell mac cu) with a nubus or pci macintosh you need a video digitizer
(scsi, serial, nubus,pci, usb (dunno if sometime in the future connectix
will make a mac usb version of quickcam available for the imac), or
(possibly) firewire (i dont know if this is available yet) ), video
digitizer software, a camera and quicktime. for issues concering pal, ntsc
cameras browse the contents of this listserves archives, < >. the quality of your
video may depend on the camera, the codec, the settings for the codec, if
you use cornell cu the resolution--i dont know if this option is present in
wp cu for the mac, and possibly other factors. in my opinion between
camcorders and quickcam the camcorders (rca or s-vhs) image at standard or
high resolution a 160 by 120 image is subjectively better than the image
from the grayscale version of quickcam at the high resolution setting using
cornell cu 0.87b3. should the version of cu mentioned in the final report
become available the codec you choose may depend on the version of
quicktime u have or download sometime in the future. [ note: remote viewers
using the os/2, unix, amiga, 68k mac, ppc mac, win 31 or win 95/98/nt
versions of cu may have to have the same codecs (or the DEcode part of it
or however thats phrased) installed on their system in order to be able to
view your video. alternatively, as per jason williams,
<> ... you can send in B&W and be seen by all
versions of CU-SeeMe, source: CU-SEEME-L Digest 1509, 4) Re: questions &
answers. ] i dont know if the option to select any quicktime codec is
available with wp cu for the mac.

Mark Andrew Nassy,