Re: multiple cameras/One CPU ?

Si Ballenger (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 12:23:11 -0400 (EDT)

At 04:34 PM 6/4/98 -0400, wrote:
>Has anyone a clue how to MANAGE
>multiple camera sources on one CPU ?
>Ie., duplicate cameras on one CPU ?
>Looking to build a station for remote monitoring,
>to SEND its video feedS to a CUseeme style reflector,
>from SEVERAL camera sources simultaneously.
>Preferably, would like to use COLOR cameras monitoring.

You might be better off using a webcam setup. Winnov did have a demo on
their site of a webcam program that used the 3 available video inputs to
their card to have 3 videos available for viewing at once. There are
commercial security products that do this, but you may have to pay extra
$$$. Another program that might be of interest is Netmeting. It has an
application sharing feature that could give you the ability to control the
software on the remote monitoring computer (such as tv channel changing on a
video card that has a tv tuner built in). Switching Between the various
video inputs to a single video input video capture card would be a challange
(could be easier with the tv tuner video capture card). Color NTSC cameras
are available on the net from surplus dealers for $50-100 each. Various
things can probably be done, but you have to like to tinker a lot!

>Quickcams are good enough, but they need to be
>SIMULTANEOUSLY ON , and I do not know how or IF
>they are supported on several parallel ports ?
>Anyone done it ? on WIN95 ? on Linux ?
>The most that I can do is manage to SWITCH
>video sources ( manually ) using cuseeme clients
>(from Cornell or WP) and this does not allow for
>REMOTE monitoring, since it has to be done MANUALLY
>at the site that has the video sources.
>I have had at most 2 cameras on the same box,
>a quickcam ( via parrallel port ) and a Camcorder
>from a Hauppauge video board.
>The Hauppauge or Video board solution is expensive
>since it needs a camcorder feeding it !
>Thanks in advance.
> Nubeus Tssin