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> CU-SEEME-L Digest 1510

> Topics covered in this issue include:

> 12) Novice failure
> by Lia Tsesmeli <>

> From: Lia Tsesmeli <>
> To: Cu-SeeME <>
> Subject: Novice failure

> I'm currently in Greece and my friends use a camera and their IBM for their
> CU needs (plus the Enchanced Version for IBMs). I have a Mac PB PPC 5300cs
> (System 7.6.1) with 24 MB RAM and 800MB HD.

> accomplished that and only that. But sound, no. Nothing. I'm using 0.87b3
> version for Macs.

> other people (if there are any of the sort). Naturally, I would greatly
> appreciate any advice from experienced members with some time to spare,
> reaching my personal mailbox.

the reason u may not be hearing sound is because your friends may be
transmitting audio using a codec your version of cu does not support.
request they switch their audio to delta mod 16 (or something similar).

numerous users complain re: the quality of the audio on the freeware
version of mac cu on a reflector. the preview release of wp mac cu 3.x that
i tried had great audio reception with voice transmissions from other wp cu
clients when using low bandwidth audio codecs over a 28.8 or faster
connection on a meeting point reflector. u may wish to consider trying the
wp mac cu:

wp cu allows you to connect to cornell ms win 31 cu, cornell ms win 95/nt
cu ms win 95/nt wp cu, 68k mac cornell cu, power mac wp cu , cornell power
mac cu, amiga cu, os/2 cu, and unix cu. it also allows u to connect to
h.323 clients such as netmeeting (when connected to a meeting point
reflector). i am not aware of any other application like cuseeme that allow
you to connect to so many different clients.

[ note: according to

> CU-SEEME-L Digest 1510
> Topics covered in this issue include:

> 16) WP CU-SeeMe 3.1.1 Fixes (was INFO - Why)
> by "Don Castella" <>

> From: "Don Castella" <>
> To: "'Jason Williams'" <>, <>
> Subject: WP CU-SeeMe 3.1.1 Fixes (was INFO - Why)

> The following is excerpted from an info message sent to White Pine users:

> "NEW FEATURES and PROBLEMS FIXED in CU-SeeMe Version 3.1.1>

> * A new H.263 video codec has been added for compatibility with
> CU-SeeMe Version 3.1 for Mac OS.

this may suggest some incompatibilities may exist with some versions of
windows cu and should this be the case hopefully the problem can be
resolved. ]

Mark Andrew Nassy,