Re: Novice failure

Si Ballenger (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 12:38:45 -0400 (EDT)

At 06:16 AM 6/4/98 -0700, Lia Tsesmeli wrote:
>Greetings all,
>It is a total new experience for me to use CU-SeeMe, but most of my friends
>use it religiously, so I decided to give it a try. Only a try, since I
>haven't been able to make it work.
>I'm currently in Greece and my friends use a camera and their IBM for their
>CU needs (plus the Enchanced Version for IBMs). I have a Mac PB PPC 5300cs
>(System 7.6.1) with 24 MB RAM and 800MB HD. I don't have a camera but all
>my friends insist that I can receive video, no need to send any (or have a
>camera), and just use the sound to communicate. Chatting is easy, I have
>accomplished that and only that. But sound, no. Nothing. I'm using 0.87b3
>version for Macs. I've searched in the proposed sites for technical advice
>(in Cornell's site and then in every site they recommended), each and every
>link. Audio is not given priority (and rightly so), but... my problem still
>remains, albeit my friends' attempts to help.

Make sure you are using the correct type of microphone on your mac. Most mac
machines need a line level signal into their mic inputs for the machine to
hear you. The factory mac microphones are "amplified" (ordinary mics won't
work). Try recording your voice on your machine and see if you have success.
If this works, then the mic is probably OK. I had problems on a friends
performa 6214CD using cuseeme. I found that these series of macs had bad
logic boards (you can get a test program from their site to check your
machine to see if it has the problem), so mac replaced it free. Also
insalled OS 8.0 and every thing works OK now.

>Given the total failure of my CU-SeeMe experiment, I would be grateful if
>you pointed out to me some URL where I can find step-by-step instructions
>on how to configure/use CU for Macs and especially how to speak to the
>other people (if there are any of the sort). Naturally, I would greatly
>appreciate any advice from experienced members with some time to spare,
>reaching my personal mailbox.
>Thank you for you time.