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Rolf Hemmerling (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 17:47:05 +0200

Wayne Fisher schrieb:
> Since most of these products are shareware (i.e., you should PAY to use them on
> a regular basis), is it really proper for someone on this list to post "tricks"
> on how to get around the expiration policy and avoid paying for the software
> you use?
I did not tell any (of my) tricks.

The only trick I heard so far here is that the unregistered shareware
version of W.P reflector 2.0, although buggy, is still in use at some
places because of a weaker shareware restriction than the almost-perfect
W.P. reflector 2.1. But anybody here points to the free reflector for
This is much more bad for the business, if You assume that those who
install the free reflector might have the money to *pay* for a
commercial one ! I donīt assume so, though.

--- here a loop begins ---
a) Well, especially with video conferencing software and video phones,
it like this (anybody on the list is welcomed to agree or disagree):

Most people with (and without) video and audio equipment connect to
conferences, reflectors meeting points, user directories while they are
willing to meet people they donīt know at all - although after several
contacts, there may be a aquaintance (or "friendship" in the US american
sense of meaning) between some people, or at least they remember their
faces and nicknames. So if You have contact with people You know from
other sources (by phone, by direct meetings, by work, by freetime
activities,..) by video conferences, I think that You belong to a global
minority. Its like amateur radio, amateur TV or CB radio. Maybe the
situation is different in USA, but for the rest of the world, I am
right. (I learned that video conferencing in USA and Canada is used much
to keep contact between generations: parents contact their children
living 1000 miles away !)

b) Nobody I know personally here in Germany has an Internet camera. So I
assume that Icams used for private video conferencing are *rare*,
although the Quickcam b/w is not very expensive ($99 = 200 DM over here,
no reduced prices yet). It is even hard to convince friends in Germany
to get ICQ or DYN.ML.ORG services running on their Internet computer, or
they are using a cheap proxy-based provider (Germany.Net) which just
provides a non-global dynamic IP behind a proxy firewall, so that they
canīt do video conferencing and ICQ. So.. all friends and aquaintance
here in Germany fail.. for video conferencing, at least.

It is unusual for german/european people to be online at my online times
(5.00.. 9.00 local time = CET with daylight savings == 4.00 .. 8.00
GMT), but these are the times while I get full speed for downloads and
video streams !

So I belong to this group of participants, from my pov. So if I do, I am
interested to meet other people to communicate with me on a CB radio or
amateur radio level (although there are no QSL cards for the Internet -
maybe a nice business idea !)

--- here is the loopīs top - the conclusion ---
And it is a matter of fact, that video phones and video conferencing
tools with hard shareware restrictions have *no* audience.

I mean if I activate my Netspeak WEBPHONE, which is a "lite" license
from the original Soundblaster-16-PNP of my friend living next door (who
himself is not interested in Internet - so that this license is
definitively not used twice at the same time), there are just lets say
80 entries of current activated phones, world wide. And if I try to
contact any of them, with 90% chance, they are not online anymore but
still included in the list because of obscure reasons, and the rest
donīt permit calls from strangers.

Some other phones (Freevue, Netmeeting, Vocaltec) have an audience with
50% participants like "m just looking just for f and couple with cam". I
am male, single, not a gay, so.. I am not accepted by most users, by

With most phones, there are just 5..10 people online at a time, world
wide !! With some phones, there is even not online audience at all, and
I am the *only* user in the *one-and only* conference/directory list !!!

So if I tell You the expiration policy, I take You a burden from Your
shoulders: It is useful to get those phones without strong expiration
restrictions, and to use it as long as there is a new free version for
download and/or there is no absolute time expiration. And it is useful
to avoid those phones which expire after a few hours of operation
(VDOphone) or just allow 3 minutes calls (Netspeak Webphone).

Because.. most other people do so, too. And if I want to meet other
people, I must load the *same* vidphone as the majority of friendly
iphone users does. I canīt swim against the flood ! If I do anyhow, I am
"alone on the data highway" (see my signature). Even if I pay, the rest
of the audience does not !!! I canīt convince anybody else to pay !

--- loopback ----

Currently, with the german telephone costs, I pay much money for
downloads and for beeing online in a video conference ($1.50 per hour).
I donīt own a credit card, as most Europeans, and this fact wonīt
change, neither for me nor for the rest of us. We know why we donīt like
credit cards (too expensive, security too low). Drawing a check for a US
bank is $15 fee, or even more. International money orders are almost as
expensive as checks. And if I ask for prices for US / Internet products
in Germany, the price is doubled in comparison to the real exchange rate
$:DM, sometimes !!! So .. no way for registration, if it is not a *must*

But You know that this all is not true for CU-SEEME (although on
Saturday or Sunday morning, most refs are empty, anyhow). CU-SEEME has a
vaste audience and participation, and these people are friendly and have
humour most of the time :-). So CU-SEEME is *different*.

All about iphones, H.32x phones, cu-seeme

Btw, if there is a standard webphone include in the next-step WIN-NT
6.0, weīll pay, You bet. Do you really think that the "upgrade" fee from
WIN 3.1 / WFW 3.11 to WIN95 or the very-useless "upgrade" from WIN95 to
WIN98 was/is "fair" ? So even I will pay for an iphone in the
not-so-very-far future.


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