Re: A Listserv Question

Si Ballenger (
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 01:21:46 -0400 (EDT)

At 03:15 AM 6/6/98 -0500, Jason Williams wrote:
>On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Kevin Lawless wrote:
>> It would seem that this an issue you need to take up with your system
>> adminstrator as it relates to the way your e-mail is being retrieved.
>> It is possible that your mail is retrieved at a time when the network is
>> quiet (at night).
>Do people still use UUCP? :)
>SMTP is a continuous thing...if his mail is being retrieved at one time,
>it has to be cached somewhere :)
>And it's happening to more than just him so I doubt all of our sysadmins
>got together and decided to get mail at a certain time in the night. But
>then, weirder things have happened. :)

The listserver has probably been religated to the back waters of the cornell
computer useage time. kind of like bulk rate snail mail. Seems like the
server starts it's mailing after midnight now.